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Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a contributing author. For many of you, it will be your first time contributing to a book which can be exciting and scary to say the least. I promise you that we are in this together. I felt led to go this route because everyone has a story. 

Our stories are legacies that others need to hear in order to be transformed or protected from life’s pain. There is purpose in your pain at any age, so I felt obligated to give you this precious opportunity to pour into the lives of others.


We are looking for 10 Poets with the desire to become Best Selling published authors. NO RESTRICTIONS to the subject that you write about as long as it is FIRE. This opportunity is open to men and women to share their original work to express themselves to the masses. You may submit up to 15 poems per entry. YOUR POETRY WILL NOT BE EDITED!!!!

The Benefits for You!

Becoming a co-author in Black Authors Rock Poetry Anthology Project is a great opportunity because we are going to help (thousands of) other purpose-driven entrepreneurs become more successful and most importantly profitable. You've become successful in your own rite but people don't see the "how I got over" process. 

It’s no secret that authoring your own book is expensive and very time consuming. Collaborating together instead of competing to become better together is the only way to set ablaze in today's marketplace. Being a co-author is so much easier and it’s a faster way to get a book published plus you have other authors banding together in promotion efforts.

Other Benefits of having Co-Authors and Leverage Opportunities for EXPOSURE AND MARKETING include:

  • Forming expert panels for book exposure and marketing
  • Securing media interviews such in TV, radio, and print
  • Hosting and creating live events and/or virtual events (there will be a “same name” tele-summit after the launch of the book)
  • Strengthening strategic partnerships and alliances
  • Using the book as a “big business card” and benefit to build your business
  • Being able to slide the book across the table to one of your clients
  • Expanding list building options and contacts
  • Use it at Speaking Events or to help you book a Speaking Gig because you are an author!
  • + MORE…


From our previous book:I thought this book was very brave and transparent. I can totally relate to some of these ladies stories and I commend them for sharing with us, the general public. My heart broke for them as I read their stories but their zeal and love for God made it easier to read. I would definitely recommend this book to young women and broken women who don't know how to deal with the different levels of hurt and shame they've felt or are now enduring because of choices they have made or someone made for them. God is such a loving and generous Father, who freely gives of his love, time, care and guidance to those who would call on his name. Keep sharing sisters, you're impacting lives with your testimonies.

Submission Details

  • Submission not to exceed 15 EDITED POEMS
  • 150 word Bio
  • Title
  • Professional Hi-Res headshot for marketing
  • Submissions Due June 18, 2021

Launch Information

  • Launch Date: August 2021 – perfect motivation to get started NOW and be an author by August 2021! 
  • As an author in this project, you agree to promote and leverage the book
  • Sample scripts to use for email, Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets will be provided, allowing you to add your personal touch for your “voice”
  • We anticipate 10 authors cross promoting
  • Book tour beginning early fall of 2021

Registration Cost and Info

To maximize exposure and to ensure we are creating a win-win for contributing authors, we’ve come up with TWO very attractive offers. After all, it’s about the content and your passion to help get your story out in a big way.

  • A fee of $249  will be paid by each participate
  • 2nd payment option available                                                                                                                                                                           ~Pay $130.00 deposit fee ASAP to secure your space in the book 

Registration Cost Includes: ONLY $249 (value $1497)

  • Submission of up to 15 poems or short stories
  • Your bio in book 
  • Ability to sell the book as yours on your website for immediate profit directly to you
  • The book will be available on Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle Store
  • Ability to promote and participate in future book signings and/or leverage the Black Authors Rock brand for PR opportunities
  • Author Training 
  • Order the book, in any quantity, at any time directly from the publisher

The benefits, rewards and positioning alone are worth the affordable investment. **IMPORTANT** Upon securing your spot in the book, additional details will be sent to include Contributor Contracts, guidelines and agreements within 72 business hours.

Click button to pay one-time fee of $249  or  2-  part payment option available and secure your spot in our “top selling” book! **After you submit payment, you will be redirected to a page where you will enter your bio, head shot and contact information which will be published in the book.

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It’s time to show the world how to trail-blaze on your own! Do you desire to get paid to speak?  Do you desire to be a published author?   If so, then you need to be a part of this book!

Other important information that will make you say yes…

  1. Will contributors be able to order additional books for a low cost? Yes. We’ll publish this as a Kindle book and self publish via Amazon, where bulk orders are available.  This means there is NO requirement to ordering thousands of books to participate. You can simply order when ready.
  2. Where will the book be sold? The book will be available on Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle Store. 

If you would like to participate and need to know more before you sign up, please click here to contact me.  Otherwise what is stopping you?  Come be a part of the team. Become a published author TODAY!!!

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