We are looking for 10 Poets with the desire to become Best Selling published authors. NO RESTRICTIONS to the subject that you write about as long as it is FIRE. This opportunity is open to men and women to share their original work to express themselves to the masses. You may submit up to 15 poems per entry. YOUR POETRY WILL NOT BE EDITED!!!!


  1. You become a published Author!

Share your story to inspire others! This is a great opportunity for you to uplift, inspire and empower others with your words without writing an entire book on your own, which can be both timely and costly.

  1. Become a bestselling author!

One of the goals is to make this book an Amazon Bestseller; by doing so you’ll be able to gain instant credibility. This alone can create many rewarding opportunities for you.

  1. Quickly increase your visibility!

This book will circulate among each co-author and their communities. Because of this, hundreds of people will view and buy the book; increasing the opportunity to gain more exposure for you and your brand. For some of you, it will help to build your platform as a speaker or introduce you as a new author.

  1. Generate additional income!

Sell the books via your website or in-person and retain 100% of the profit – for a lifetime!

  1. Get free training and guidance!

Learn how to build a buzz and leverage your contribution to meet your individual goals from an international award-winning book publisher. PLUS, you will become a member of the Purposeful Publishing membership group for accountability and more opportunities to share your work.  (value $797)

Who is this best for:

People who want to share their story

People who want to make a difference

Writers looking to fast-track their career

People who understand the power of collaboration

Professionals who want to increase their brand visibility and credibility

What’s needed from you:

  • Submit up to 15 EDITED poems
  • Your 150 word bio, website and/or main social media contact information should be added to the end of the submission.
  • Your professional photo/head shot (high resolution 300 dpi jpg or tiff).
  • Promote the book via social media and word-of-mouth by telling your friends and family about the upcoming release. A promotional graphic badge will be provided for you to use as a marketing tool.
  • Submissions are due June 30, 2017


Producing a project like this alone can roughly cost you about $8,000+ for project coordination, comprehensive & proofreading, graphic design, interior layout, ISBN’s, marketing, etc. To help offset and minimize the cost on your behalf as much as possible; we’re only requiring a one-time contribution fee of:


SPECIAL price of $249

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