UnshaCkled... Un-muzzled... Unrestricted...

The authors in this newly published book, Emancipate Me: Verbal Liberation for the Shackled Mind, have given you the tools you need to break free of whatever is holding you captive.Poems and short stories release you and Bondage is no longer an option unless you desire to remain there. Order your book today for $8!!! 



Raising a Proverb 31 Woman:                       self-esteem, self-worth, and self-discovery of a young woman in today's time; is a composite portrait of the ideal woman within a lifetime not just an individual. This book has 31 various stories and testimonials from women all over the world striving to be Proverbs 31 Woman. We pray it will bless you to overcome obstacles and the trials you may have to endure.

Why is the word Proverb singular?

As women, we often feel alone yet collectively we brave the world boldly as pioneers sent by God to enlist others to the marketplace as we win souls for the kingdom. The Proverb is singular here yet is never alone in the Word just as we aren’t as women.  


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